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Reiki for Pets

Reiki for Pets - Our fur babies need healing too . . .

This may surprise some, but animals are even more receptive to Reiki energy healing than humans. This is because animals are much more attuned to the energy of the universal life force (Chi) than humans. For example, have you ever been amazed at how many animals seem to just know if their humans are upset, then go cuddle up to give comfort? And then there are animals who seem to have an astonishing ability to detect illnesses. How are these abilities possible? They are possible because animals exist in a much purer energetic plane than humans. It's not that humans aren't connected to the universal energy per se. Rather, the issue is that we humans tend to have a lot of 'clutter' that stands as a barrier or filter between our intuition and our ability to perceive Chi. We intellectualize, we rationalize, we postulate and impose conceptual frameworks over everything. In short, we project a logical narrative onto everything for the sake of conceptual order. Animals, on the other hand, don't do any of that; they just go with the flow and feel the energy that surrounds them.

That being said, animals are as susceptible to the effects of negative energy as humans, perhaps even more so due to their heightened sensitivity. As is the case with humans, animals are subjected to negative energies on a daily basis. Those negative energies can come from other animals, but unfortunately they often come from humans. And also as is the case with humans, those negative energies can become stuck, which in turn may manifest in behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, or aggression. Stuck negative energy can also manifest in physical symptoms such as eating disorders, skin irritations, and digestive upset, to name a few examples.

The good news is that Reiki can help, and in the case of animals, it often helps even more quickly and effectively than it does with humans (again, due to their heightened and unfiltered sensitivity to energy). Cats are especially responsive to Reiki healing, often showing a noticeable improvement after just one session. As with humans, Reiki treatments can be given to pets remotely as well as in-person. All it takes is a phone consultation (with the pet owner), and a couple of photos (of the pet).