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Reiki for Anxiety and Depression

A Different Approach When the Energy isn't Yours...

Do you suffer from anxiety and/or depression? If you do, you’re not alone. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 260 million people suffer from anxiety disorders and more than 300 million suffer from depression worldwide – many of whom suffer from both. While there are many causes of anxiety and depression, an oft-overlooked factor is exposure to – and retention of – negative emotional energy. More specifically, your anxiety and/or depression may be caused by the retention of negative energy that isn’t even yours.

Many people are empathic when it comes to emotional energy. Have you ever walked into a room and literally felt the anger, grief, or sadness of others? If so, you’re empathic and can sense the energy of others. Sensing emotional energy is one thing, but some go a step further and absorb it. Have you ever felt anxious and thought to yourself: “Why do I feel this way? Everything is going well in my life; I have nothing to be anxious about. Yet I’m on edge and I don’t understand why.” If so, chances are strong that you’re an empath and experiencing the negative emotional energy absorbed from someone else. In other words, it's not you!

This is where Reiki can help. As humans, we all partake in a universal life force, also known as Chi. When Chi circulates freely within us, negative energies are naturally cleansed and we are restored to a state of positive emotional and physical health. All too often, however, our Chi can become blocked or obstructed for a variety of different reasons. This is especially problematic when individuals empathically absorb the negative emotional energies of others and those energies become stuck. Reiki unblocks your energy channels, allowing your Chi to flow freely and restore your emotional health.


As a practicing Reiki Master, I have come to specialize in actively pulling out retained negative energies in addition to unblocking positive energy. Clients often report a sense of being emotionally cleansed and unburdened after treatment, which in turn helps to alleviate their anxiety and/or depression. This is a different approach to addressing anxiety and depression; it's a natural, non-invasive, drug-free approach that removes blame and stigma from those who suffer from these conditions, and it may be exactly what you need.